Seeds of earth. Part 2.

Sorry about no comic layout, I’ll look into the next time.
But no more shitty ms paint text!

Part 1

C&C :smile:

Also I must aplogize, I had posed the masked cp breaching the door, but it seems I forgot to actually take the picture.

Nice, keep making this!

I like it, only things are a lack of speech bubbles (which is alright in this case) and the lack of faceposing when characters are supposed to be talking.

Also, maybe facepose a little more emotion when stuff is happening. Being attacked, friends being killed, etc.

How depressing.

The images are still quite large. Just makes it hard to read, is all.

Posing’s great, though. Submachine gun posing was a little off, but it’s mostly gravy.

Keep it up Rick!

Thanks guys. But I doubt I’ll make a part3 or a conclusion or whatever it’s named.

Sigbjorn’s entire scene I found too comical because of his pose and facial expression (“Where I go now… is up to God.”). Some scenes don’t really flow; one minute you’re watching one thing, then it goes to another thing, then back to the other. At times it didn’t really make sense. Some of the dialogue didn’t theme too realistic per se. And yes, please do look into a layout. It would work wonders.

It’s not a bad comic really, but it could use some work here and there. I don’t wish to discourage (if this comment may do that), I just hope to see the comic improve into something interesting.

So, keep going. :c00l:

Wow, VAST improvement over the first one.