Seeing People Names from a Distance !!!

Me i would like and highly suggest , to make player’s name visible from a Distance !! I play on a friendly server and sometimes your trying to know if its your friend but you cannot see the name until your close enough like melee distance. It would be really nice if you could aim directly at the guy at any given distance and see its name, It would help friendly servers not doing friendly fire and taking care of Bandits :stuck_out_tongue: … and in any situation it would be very helpful as well !!

Let me know what you guys think !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe try a dresscode. You and your friend have the same clothes.

yeah but friends i mean neighbor , that we respect each other and dont shoot !! :stuck_out_tongue: exept the bandit ***ked everything :stuck_out_tongue: loll

That’s the point. You don’t know if someone is friendly or not, unless you’ve agreed earlier a sign to show or something. This is one big part of the thrill of running into people :slight_smile:

If you always knew who that was in the distance, it would be too easy to avoid people. Now you actually have to take the risk, communicate and deal with the consequences.

Gestures will make this alot easier. Maybe.

Or, let me make a shot in the dark… Voice chat? Visible from far away who’s talking, and you can tell them whatever you want.

voice chat doesnt reach very far !!

Garry said somewhere that he may want to remove nametags and speechbubbles entirely.

Personally I think removing the speechbubbles would be the right turn, I hate that the speechbubble reveals you instead of of the speech just like toolcupboards reveal your house to everyone near to it.

Welcome to Rust, you’re going to have to deal with it.

:stuck_out_tongue: , yeah i know im still fucking addicted , its an amazing game :stuck_out_tongue: … im just gonna watch out more now :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not just shoot them down and then run over to them to see who they are. If they’re friendly help them back up, if not… execute them.

With that policy, I don’t think people will be friendly with you for long. Shoot-first-identify-later is one notch below KOS.

Well that’s why I communicate with my friends, which is why I don’t really need an identifier.