Seeing stuff out of the skybox

I’m making a map, with a secret disco and elevator.
I placed it outside the “skybox-box”, but still see it when I’m IN the skybox. I really don’t want that, cause it’s pretty annoying.
I don’t know how to fix this, so, can one of you help me?

Your map might have a leak, causing the whole map to be rendered at all times. Fix the leak.

If the map has no leak, use areaportals/hintskip brushes or whatever to make that area not render when you are outside.

You could put the elevator behind a corner like this: (diagonal thing being a hint brush)
That would prevent the area being rendered from the outside, provided you have no leak.

Can you repeat that :keke:
Can you help me with finding that leak.
So, is there a error somewhere, and if there is a error, How can I use it then?


If I’m right.
A Areaportal allows the player to show everything INSIDE the portal, but nothing out of it?

Map --> Load Pointfile

A red line will show you where the leak is. It might be a hole in the map or the origin of an entity is in the void.

Yippeh, double post :stuck_out_tongue:
But, thanks.
I’ll check it out!


Btw, There is no point file to load…


Another edit.
I did delete my skybox, and made a other one.
Works perfect now.
But it’s directly to the end of the map, but who cares.

So there really was a leak?
I told you so.

Never said that there wasn’t a leak.
I asked you how to find it, but you didn’t even respond, as always.

This is usually caused by a leak. It’s your map’s visleaf system getting all fucked up and not culling those brushes. Also consider using hint brushes.


I’m late.

Yes you are kinda late :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t get fucked up, VBsp doesn’t create visleafs because it cannot tell what is the “inside” of the map i.e. the playable area. Otherwise it would be making visleafs to infinity, which wouldn’t be ideal.