Seeking advice on writing a GLua cheat

Hi there i’m somebody who has been doing GLua for 4 months, I’ve mainly worked around derma and want to branch out and do some different things in order to become better and more experienced.
I’ve seen many people learn Lua through writing a cheat which has lead me to attempt to make a working cheat which has a variety of features in order to explore as many different concepts of Lua within cheat making.
I assume one good way right off the bat would be to read other cheats & such but i’m just wondering if anyone has any specific advice or pointers which I may not pickup on through reading others code; the less obvious things.

Thanks in advance !

Here’s an old tutorial to get you started.

Wow must have missed that one, thanks!

Use CreateMove not Think for things like aimbot, setting angles etc.

Just so I can understand better why would you do this
Is this before every frame so it would be faster than Think ?
Or perhaps it’s only called when you move ?

If that sounded stupid please just correct me haha.

It passes CUserCmd, which you modify to set angles and buttons, for stuff like aimbot and bunny hop scripts.

Oh right thanks for sharing this with me :smiley:

In terms of aimbot performance how fast can you make an aimbot in Lua ? Just so I know what to expect and work towards.

as fast as any c++ aimbot if your good, it all depends entirely on how well you optimize it and how good your aiming algorithms are

I managed to create this with the help of some friends and a few fp members.[video][/video]Also I wouldn’t just aim for the head bone, I would add a vector to it as well because the head bone is quite low.

Aiming for head bone:[/T]

Aiming for the head bone and adding a vector:

I’m sorry if I explained that terribly.

Best way is to use hitboxes not bones.

Interesting, I never knew you could get the player’s hitbox in lua.

Wow that’s really fast, if you’re open to some questions could you possibly add me on Steam ?

Honestly I’m probably not the best guy to ask for help, I still consider myself to be a learner. If you really want my help I’ll help you with what I can. Add me here.