Seeking character and enemy modellers

I’m currently working on a Half-Life 2 mod titled “Descent,” in which you run a game your friend sent you and you are transported into the world of the game.
It is going to be a horror game.
It is also my first HL2 mod.
I don’t have any 3D modelling programs, and if I did, I’d suck at modelling. Besides, I have to work on coding and creating the maps.
Here are the characters (sprite forms; I will say more details about their appearance after the images.)

Zeusmel Storn
He is about as tall and thin as the Sniper. His pink shirt is short-sleeved.

Thiarc Jadusa
She is somewhere around the height of Alyx Vance. Her hoodie is slightly gray and is long-sleeved.

Masaya Sorrir
Slightly taller than Thiarc. She wears a t-shirt. I don’t need a model of her dreamself, obviously.

He’s kinda short, around the height of the Engineer. You can choose if you want to add his fez and wig or not.


Basically a troll version of Johnny C. from JTHM. He will appear dead, exactly like how he died in the comic.
John Egbert (wearing the outfit he died in) will also make a cameo appearence, dead, on his quest bed.

My sister ( has agreed to design the enemies.
Contact me if you’re interested in this project. I will send links to enemy designs when they’re up.

Are you seriously making a mod with Homestuck-like characters.

I don’t even.

Why does it even matter if the characters are species from Homestuck?

Actually, it does matter, because if you want someone to model something for you then don’t give them a request for something they don’t want to do. You’re asking us to model original characters for free of charge. I’m pretty sure you can’t code or map decently, seeing as it’s your first mod. Just go edit the models in the homestuck playset or something.

I’m pretty good at making maps. As far as editing models from the Homestuck playset, It is necesarry to have the characters to be the heights listed so I don’t have to edit every single prop in the map to match the heights of the characters.
And I’m pretty sure there isn’t a cherub base.
There’s also no face posing, which would be necessary for several parts.

Prove it.

I’m so done with this site.

Haha. No one was going to do it for free anyways. You didn’t say you’d pay anyone or anything. Plus just because you say you’re good at mapping and coding doesn’t really give us any proof that you actually are. Not that hard to give people proof to show you can map. It might even get people to want to actually help you out if you’re actually good, but since you’re “so done with this website” I guess you aren’t good at mapping and coding.

I never said I was good at coding, and I can’t prove how good my maps are because half of them are still being worked on and I don’t have any screenshots or stuff of them.
Most of them are for this game.
I only said I was done with this website because I am tired of people making a big deal of the characters just because I asked for character and enemy modellers.
I never said it was necessary to do the character models.
I just don’t know enough about modelling to make the enemy models (if you would look at the artwork of the person designing the enemies) to make models of them.
All I wanted was to find people willing to help me without making a big deal of every little thing about this mod.

Take a screenshot, upload it. Problem solved.

The best one out of all of them is completely indoor.

Screenshots please, we want to know if you’re actually mapping in the first place.

I bet it’s fullbright