Seeking creator of Newer Saxton hale model (TF Logo Nipples.)

I’m on a quest to find thePFA, the guy who posted this model in this old hale model thread.

Since that thread, someone has made an HWM hale, but it’s a little more chubby and cartoonish that i’d like. Basicially, i’m eager to use this one for SFM[/t]

issue is, the guy that upload it went silent and dissapeared since saying he would work on the flexes, and i can’t seem to contact him or find any of his work elsewhere.

I do have the files downloaded, but they’re in my SFM folders and it would take digging to find the textures.

TLDR… i need some flexes on the model. If someone else wants to take a shot at it i’d love that too, but the creator said he made SOME progress so there’s a faint hope there.

I know modelling myself, but hardly enough to flex a human face.

the model already has a mouth/teeth etc, but no flexes.

i’d love to use the model, specificially for the saxxy’s, and if someone helped out i’d love to credit you on the final result.

all help is appreciated.

EDIT: i found and extracted the files for it. should all be there. i also added the decompiled model.
Model zip