Seeking Dev Team for RP development

Hello there and thank you for visiting!

Development Team
Are you eager to help and develop this server for the public to make something unique and fun? Well, good news for you. We are looking for you! I don’t look for people to fill specific positions right from the start as I would like to have a team of people who work on everything together and brainstorm in the beginning because we have no plans to have the server up right away, we are simply developing a story-line, rules, mods, and so on. We will later on look for positions such as game masters and etc… later down the road but that is not what we are looking for now.

The Vision
The vision for the future would be to provide a RP Rust server for the public (possibly white-listed) to join in on and create new experiences with other players and make their mark in the world. This is of course going to be a post-apocalyptic type of RP where players are encouraged to meet others, form cities, defend themselves and others from raiders who wish to take over their towns/supplies. Everything will be monitored so that things will be fair and people will not be taken advantage of while they are offline with a type of bounty/warring system we plan to implement. All player actions will be taken in a role-play sense and there will be no KOS, you must have a role-play situation and establish verbal contact with the other party (this will be further developed). We want to take full advantage of everything that Rust offers right now and much more with the help of mods developed by the Rust community and by ourselves.

We tried to work on this before but it was not possible with the limitations on mods and so on but now we feel that this is the best time to find a strong group who can work together and develop something truly amazing and interesting for everyone to join and take part in.

Are you interested? Review the following

  • Steam ID:
  • Age:
  • Previous RP Experience (Rust, other games, please name)
  • Days/Times available:
  • Location:
  • Timezone:
    *VOIP (Teamspeak 3/Steam)
    *Willing to collaborate on Google Drive
    *Must have a microphone
    *If you do not wish to share this information publicly, you are free to PM me this.

My Contact Information
Steam: MrMackeyMKayyy

Feel free to contact me with any questions at all or just post below.
*I am not advertising a server, simply looking for partners interested in developing a rich story/tools which will later on be implemented into a server and have its own thread in the correct sub-forum.

RP as in… role playing?

Yes sir, as in good ole fashion role-playing.

MrMackey, I sent you a pm, or at least I think I sent you, it doesn’t show anything on “sent items”, would you please confirm if you received it or not? Thanks

Just replied back to you, the notification showed up for me.