[SEEKING FOR A CODER] DarkRP server-coder.

Hi, i’m writing from TechSource. we’re seeking a coder to help us run our DarkRP server as best as it can. Since the staff running the servers right now, don’t know lua, we need a staffmember who can code lua.

We’re offering the coder about 100$ pr. month. - Because we don’t expect to have jobs all the time (This is definitely not full time, just for you needing to have some money on your hand, and interest in coding.), and i think we can talk about the payment, according to the work being done. :slight_smile:

Your primary work-area will be optimization, but we’ll of course find more exciting jobs for you too. But optimization is going to be the first place to go.

No deadline, go apply. We do though require a decent coder, if you can’t barely code an addon, we do not seek you as a coder. (No offense, but we don’t want the server to run even worse :))

(I know you don’t want coder-hiring here, but i cannot create this job on coderhire… Rip :))

@ TechSource

Please either use Coderhire while it is still alive or post here.