Seeking Admins

If you’re interested in becoming an Admin on please write up an article on something (currently) newsworthy for Garry’s Mod.

Write and submit your news post here.
[li]Please include (APPLY) at the end of your news post title.
[/li][li]At the bottom of your news post provide a contact method and a link to your Facepunch forum account profile.
[/li][/ul] Admin duties include…
[li]Making posts of newsworthy GMod related material informing a community of thousands of people.
[/li][li]Replying to questions and comments on news posts (twitter too)
[/li][li]Moderating comments on news posts
[/li][li]Tweeting updates via the Twitter account.

[li]Grammar and spelling is extremely important.

If you have any questions or comments, please make a reply in this thread, send me a PM or email me at

I’d say news you can write would be something not reported, that was released in the pass three weeks to a month.

I would apply, but I can’t write worth crap.

I would apply for it but… It’s just that how could I ever have a chance. I mean I’m just a regular Gmod no life lol.

recruiting this shit must be a bitch.

Cool, I’m going to give it a go.

Not really. The hardest part is usually sorting out the bads from the goods.

Now that’s something which interests me, it’s frustrating to see a lot of gems in the mapping section to not be noticed when they deserve much more attention :v:

I might possibly have a go…It would be nice for to be under more control.

I see that you’re a Lost fan.

The real problem for me would be actually finding news to report.

Is there any real Gmod news these days? When was the last time something noteworthy enough to give a damn about happened? Minor code patches don’t count as the layman / 99% of this website’s userbase would never notice.

It’s for not It’d be good if it was for though.

Good luck with it all. I would but I can’t write for shit.

XD True. Had second thoughts anyway.



Oh the irony.

I just can’t think of anything to write about.

Deadline? Site is down… atleast for me.

If it wasn’t for the fact I would be expected to have articles ready for things I will probably despise, I would consider applying, I can write a decent critical review :v:

I applied… We’ll see how I do. :3: