Im looking to recreate a series of disney attractions to bring an authentic experience to those who play the map. I will need a series of modelers, texture artists, and script-ers to make scenery, ride vehicles, and (because this show involves live actors and animatronic figures) cast members to create our trial project, a recreation of “The Great Movie Ride.” Please send resumes to “JAMESJENUWINE@GMAIL.COM.” Please include examples of your work as well as a brief summary of your knowledge. IF ANYONE has ideas, please leave them in the thread. I would also appreciate any insider knowledge regarding backstage areas etc.

What do we get?

I was just at Disney world a couple months ago. I think it would be pretty cool to re-create the ride, though it seems like a pretty huge task.

So you want everyone to make assets for you to put together in your own map in your credit?

OP is 13 year old who can’t map for shit.

op is 3 19 year olds who can map to an extent and is seeking a group of people willing to partake in the coding etc. and no, every ones credit

Show us your work.

as 343N said, show some previous work.

Work please.

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Also I charge 50USD per hour with 60 minute payed breaks between 5 minutes of slacking off.

i do not know who he is but JAMES JENUWINE is a fucking awesome name

Using his real name, providing it is, also makes finding his Facebook rather easy to find.

But yeah, never make an OP that’s basically you being an “ideas guy” without any previous work. Also, professional grade modelers, scripters, and coders do not do such a large scale project for free unless it’s a group effort of friends generally.

I don’t think it’s real, it’s pronounced too similar to “genuine”
which almost makes me smell trolls

Three nineteen year olds? And all you can do is map to an extent? Then you are going to suffer in the real world.


Why would you make an account just to say this, believe me you won’t get much help here, go ask for specific models and make textures yourself, it may be hard at first but once you get the hang of it its insanely fun

A kick in the balls, you can choose which foot if you want.

Edit: Also I just realized this should be in the mapping section under requests

sorry dont check up much. yes im using my real name. and We already started on the enterance. I got enough people to get the basics of the ride down. I got some help from a div of 4chan so i think im set. and none of what i’ve made ive bothered publishing. i will if u want tho

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Its pronounced exactly the same (jen-you-wine)