Seeking opinions on the relative values of ammunition.

Hey guys. I am thinking about re-working the shop mod on the server I help run, and I intend on having ammunition as currency (at least as coin, where the /balance would be your bank account).

I am wondering what your opinions are, on the relative values of ammunition types, in regards to each other.

I would order them as such:
-Arrows and shit (negligible)
-Handmade shell (negligible)

12G Buckshot
Pistol Bullet
12G Slug
HV Pistol Bullet
INC Pistol Bullet
HV 556
INC 556
EXP 556

Seeing as I can’t code, I was just going to make their buy/sell prices equal, as a way for people to “bank” ammunition.

Which bullet is worth $1 and what should the other bullets be worth, in your opinion?

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Forcing myself to put a number beside each, I came up with this, but I’m not sure that I like it…

12G Buckshot 2 Pistol Bullet 1
12G Slug 3 .556 2
HV Pistol Bullet 2 INC Pistol Bullet 2
HV 556 3 INC 556 3
EXP 556 $ 3

Pistol for a buck
HV/INC pistol, Buckshot and .556 for two bucks
Slug, and specialty .556 would be three bucks.

Why do i think slugs are so great? Waterpipe sniper rifle.

no-one cares, go home N4

HV bullets cost 6 times more resources than regular 5.56

Thank you. I really ought to have considered their resource prices.

Scaling this is going to be more thought requiring than i’d like… damn.

If you plan to use multiple items as currency, then you need to keep their relative values as close as possible to the (perceived) crafting costs, or you will suffer from rampant arbitrage.

In practice, this will be very hard to do, so you should just use a single item.

Even with a single item, if it has other in-game value (and bullets do), you’ll still suffer from arbitrage, as people sell something crappy to get bullets.

So, your single item needs to be something with no real game purpose. It also needs to be something rather scarce (or more arbitrage/inflation).

The shops I have seen use Empty Bean Cans. Very smart, IMHO.

(If you think real world economics are not applicable in a game, you are mistaken).

As above. You could have it cool and also include Batteries and Blood and assign a different weight and stack size to each!

Why not use HQM, it’s not too common and pretty valuable.

How valuable do you think your Euro’s would be if people could just print their own? You can’t have a functioning economy where people can make their own money. The value of money is not its intrinsic value (the metal in a €1 coin is not worth €1), but because its a) trusted, and b) in controlled supply.

Feel free to experiment on this, but sandbox games evolving optimizing player behaviour astonishingly fast. I guess there’s a reason its called “gaming the system”.

u made my day :slight_smile:

You are forgetting it’s also disappearing when people use it for weapons & armor.

HQM is one of the most versatile yet rare materials.
You will never have trouble buying stuff with HQM

You can make your own HQM yes, but only if you are set up with lots of equipment and even then it takes time.

Unfortunately I am helping run a modded server, and it definitely has some increased gather rates, and quarry rates and whatnot. (currently you can buy HQM for 10, or sell for 4)

I think perhaps just using "note"s would be good. but I feel as well that the damned scarcity of it would make it almost a triviality.