Seeking people for CS:Source Mappack Project

Hi there,

I’m launching a new project for Counter-strike:Source.

The idea is to gather people for making a Quality Mappack 'with above 6/10 maps), that would be released on october/november.

What I need :

  • Mappers (of course)
  • People that are pros in making *.nav files
  • Designers for Overviews/radars
  • Designers for banners
  • Any type of help is welcome (Especially model makers)

I need peoples that are available, reactive, serious.

About the map, here are some guidelines about the map :

  • Good average depending of graphism/idea/layout. You’ll need to show off part of your work you’ve already done on Source Engine (released map, or WIP screenshot).
  • Good framerate/optimisation of the map is required.
  • At least 10% of custom textures/models
  • Your map should be compiled with orangebox compilers (Source Engine 2009), as this will allow to gain above 20% of framerate.
  • Already released maps are allowed, as long they are compiled (or re-compiled) with orangebox compilers.
  • Remakes of the 18 officials maps are not allowed, but remake from old CS1.6 maps not released in CS:S are allowed
  • Only DE_ and CS_ maps are allowed
  • Too small and too big maps aren’t allowed.
  • At least 32 players spawn point is required (16CTs & 16Ts)
  • You can have several maps on the map-pack, as long as they fit all of these points.

You can send me a mail with your motivation/WIP screenshots/whatever :


Since it’s my project, I’m gonna make the exemple and show a bit of my work :

From the beginning, I spend about 500h on it.

Not awesome graphics indeed, but lots of good ideas (and entity system) and custom textures on it. I guess the layout is not perfect too, but has not begginers mistake (IE : placing bomb point too close to the Ts start)


Not trying to back seat mod, just saying if this is a request shouldn’t this be posted in Request section?

You spent over 20 solid days on THAT?

What the hell were you doing?

This do sound a lot like “I need people to make something that I will take credit for”
And if you compare your work, with what you expect from people, it’s just too much.

And I don’t really get why the map MUST have at least 10% custom content?

Does your map take up all axis of the grid or something?

One of my maps I made years ago, my mapping skills have increased dramatically since then but if you want to use it you can, I will put a load more work into it once I find it (Its going to take some serious digging) Just let me know.