Seeking Playtesters

I am seeking people to playtest my map for me.

Add me on Steam – Dimbark – and hit me up with a message saying you wanna playtest. You need Half-Life 2: Episode 2, and a basic knowledge of how to use the dev console.

I will playtest it for you. Do you want primarily gameplay, or graphical feedback?

^ I am also curious to know what you wish to learn from playtesting. Depending on what that is, I may also be willing to assist.

That Crazy Kid from Vault 101’s me, I friended you today, I would like to help.

I would be glad to help you test your map

Send the map to me through email


or some sort of file sharing service. I don’t like adding people on steam :stuck_out_tongue:

Well since you’re not going to answer in this thread what it is you hope to learn, I guess I’ll add you tomorrow and inquire personally.