Seeking skilled Gmod Model Designs!


I’m a newbie to all this so please go easy.

I’m looking for some updates regarding these posts:

MrWhitefolks and mariokart64n were key people (at least to my knowledge) in envisioning the No More Heroes (NMH) characters to Gmod and wondered if anyone has these still on file so I may acquire them. If so please say how this is possible or what must be done if people require to ask more on why I need them.

Some of the links already have some but I would like a comprehensive list of what is available and where.

Thank you for reading. Please reply with any feedback regarding the matter!

No response. I feel like Captain Vladimir!

Are there any skilled GMod people available or Facepunch veterans who have been here long enough to know of the people I request? Please could you look at this. I would be most grateful.

Thank you.

Oh captian my captian, you may get many more responces in the Model/skins subforum!

Thank you minilandstan!

(packs up n00b gear 1.0 and trudges over to the Model/skins subforum)