Seeking to make a elite rust pvp team (400 hours or more)

Im pretty tired of playing solo or just with a friend. I can take out a group of 2 by myself but i get killed to much but these massive groups. To prevent this i want to make a decent sized team of experience rust players. If intrested add “Rams” on steam or just comment and give me your steam name.

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(around 400) doesnt have to be exact

Add me on skype… Ive got a fairly large clan you can join. Great group of guys.

Skype name: tduvyt

US or EU?

if ur from eu add me on steam LudvixNOR or Ludvix got 600+ hours

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HUGE CLANS IF FOR NOOBS! this is not a i need a clan tread i need teammate/forming clan dumbass

Please someone create some elite pvp groups:)


brb let me leave my rust on for 300 more hours so i can be good enuff