Seemingly random server crashes

#0  0xede97141 in SlerpBones(CStudioHdr const*, Quaternion*, Vector*, mstudioseqdesc_t&, int, QuaternionAligned const*, Vector const*, float, int) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#0  0xede97141 in SlerpBones(CStudioHdr const*, Quaternion*, Vector*, mstudioseqdesc_t&, int, QuaternionAligned const*, Vector const*, float, int) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#1  0xede9f793 in CBoneSetup::AccumulatePose(Vector*, Quaternion*, int, float, float, float, CIKContext*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#2  0xedfca375 in CBaseAnimatingOverlay::GetSkeleton(CStudioHdr*, Vector*, Quaternion*, int) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#3  0xee3d1ff2 in CHL2MP_Player::SetupBones(matrix3x4_t*, int) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#4  0xedfbb4b3 in CBaseAnimating::GetBoneCache() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#5  0xedfbc9e8 in CBaseAnimating::TestHitboxes(Ray_t const&, unsigned int, CGameTrace&) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#6  0xf61243c7 in CEngineTrace::ClipRayToHitboxes(Ray_t const&, unsigned int, ICollideable*, CGameTrace*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#7  0xf61250c8 in CEngineTrace::ClipRayToCollideable(Ray_t const&, unsigned int, ICollideable*, CGameTrace*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#8  0xf6125eef in CEngineTrace::TraceRay(Ray_t const&, unsigned int, ITraceFilter*, CGameTrace*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#9  0xede202f8 in real__util__TraceLine(ILuaInterface*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#10 0xe88aa76b in lj_BC_FUNCC () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#11 0xe889badd in lua_pcall () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#12 0xeed5b1c0 in ?? ()
#13 0xe887e80a in CLuaInterface::CallFunctionProtected(int, int, bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#14 0xede18995 in GarrysMod::Lua::Libraries::Timer::CallTimerFunction(int, std::string const&, std::string const&) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#15 0xede1a581 in GarrysMod::Lua::Libraries::Timer::DoAdvancedTimers() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#16 0xede1a7d5 in GarrysMod::Lua::Libraries::Timer::Cycle() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#17 0xeddf1880 in CGarrysMod::Think() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#18 0xedd12a93 in CLuaGameSystem::FrameUpdatePreEntityThink() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#19 0xedd8bc80 in InvokePerFrameMethod(void (IGameSystemPerFrame::*)(), char const*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#20 0xee0e07d5 in CServerGameDLL::GameFrame(bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#21 0xf61c599d in SV_Think(bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#22 0xf61c6335 in SV_Frame(bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#23 0xf613d1d7 in _Host_RunFrame_Server(bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#24 0xf613e309 in _Host_RunFrame(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#25 0xf613e928 in Host_RunFrame(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#26 0xf6147c8e in CHostState::State_Run(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#27 0xf61480e6 in CHostState::FrameUpdate(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#28 0xf61481a9 in HostState_Frame(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#29 0xf61dc40c in CEngine::Frame() () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#30 0xf61d9a1d in CDedicatedServerAPI::RunFrame() () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#31 0xf6d41d95 in RunServer() () from bin/
#32 0xf61d9e95 in CModAppSystemGroup::Main() () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#33 0xf6216200 in CAppSystemGroup::Run() () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#34 0xf61da457 in CDedicatedServerAPI::ModInit(ModInfo_t&) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#35 0xf6d41d02 in CDedicatedAppSystemGroup::Main() () from bin/
#36 0xf6d8a0b0 in CAppSystemGroup::Run() () from bin/
#37 0xf6d8a0b0 in CAppSystemGroup::Run() () from bin/
#38 0xf6d42182 in main () from bin/
#39 0x08048872 in main ()

this started happening on oct 1st i have looked at my ftp logs and i changed nothing that should have Trace in it.

Anyone have any ideas?

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same issue as this it seems

Same as

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Can you post all instances of where you are shooting a bullet from a timer?

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And all player models that are on the server.

could be this one

or this one

Those are both high level playermodels (requires a high level) and were recently unlocked to some players

and all instances of shooting a bullet from a timer…? i can give you my workshop collection as for other weapons on the server there really are none

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more likely to be the cdc model as it seems to be used at the time of these crashes …

Can you replace it with something else and see if the crashes stop? How often does the crash happen? Are you only using M9K SWEPs?

only using the m9k weapons and i would like to not have to change the model but yes i can

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i just recreated this crash by having someone change to that model server crashed almost instantly

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changed to this model and all seems fine atm

I had some random crashing issues with certain playermodels too on my server, running ZS - all weapons using the weapon base ZS uses by default.
The crashes would happen randomly after a player using one of the models was killed.

These models seemed to be offenders, and clearing them out stopped crashing:

As an additional note, these models would have their other leg bent up in pointshop preview, opposed to the regular stance other models showed on pointshop’s preview.

2 different servers (i am peklenc in the comments of this addon btw) had issues with the same model so i am pretty confident that was it. i was looking for issues with trace and couldn’t find anything. robotboy655 mentioned playermodel and i realized noone was using those two i pointed out at first until the first.

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here is an EVEN more rare crash that i get every now and then

[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Using host libthread_db library "/lib64/".
Core was generated by `./srcds_linux -game garrysmod -ip +maxplayers 30 -debug -console -'.
Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
#0  0xf44f25ba in IVP_Simulation_Unit::remove_controller_of_core(IVP_Core*, IVP_Controller*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#0  0xf44f25ba in IVP_Simulation_Unit::remove_controller_of_core(IVP_Core*, IVP_Controller*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#1  0xf44f277d in IVP_Core::rem_core_controller(IVP_Controller*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#2  0xf44f30fe in IVP_Controller_Manager::remove_controller_from_environment(IVP_Controller_Dependent*, IVP_BOOL) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#3  0xf446a5c7 in hk_Local_Constraint_System::deactivate() () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#4  0xf446a6d8 in hk_Local_Constraint_System::add_constraint(hk_Constraint*, int) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#5  0xf446da24 in hk_Constraint::hk_Constraint(hk_Local_Constraint_System*, hk_Rigid_Body*, hk_Rigid_Body*, IVP_CONTROLLER_PRIORITY, int) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#6  0xf446decf in hk_Fixed_Constraint::hk_Fixed_Constraint(hk_Local_Constraint_System*, hk_Fixed_BP const*, hk_Rigid_Body*, hk_Rigid_Body*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#7  0xf442ba6b in CPhysicsConstraint::InitFixed(IVP_Environment*, CPhysicsConstraintGroup*, constraint_fixedparams_t const&) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#8  0xf442e9e8 in CreateFixedConstraint(IVP_Environment*, CPhysicsObject*, CPhysicsObject*, IPhysicsConstraintGroup*, constraint_fixedparams_t const&) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#9  0xee48841e in CPhysFixed::CreateConstraint(IPhysicsConstraintGroup*, hl_constraint_info_t const&) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#10 0xee4873c9 in CPhysConstraint::ActivateConstraint() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#11 0xee4874a0 in CPhysConstraint::Activate() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#12 0xede3e565 in Entity__Activate(ILuaInterface*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#13 0xe88aa76b in lj_BC_FUNCC () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#14 0xe889badd in lua_pcall () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#15 0xeed561c0 in ?? ()
#16 0xe887e80a in CLuaInterface::CallFunctionProtected(int, int, bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#17 0xe887b3ac in CLuaInterface::CallInternalGetBool(int) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#18 0xedd27393 in CScriptedEntity::CallFunction(char const*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#19 0xedd34fce in CWeaponSWEP::PrimaryAttack() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#20 0xedd348aa in CWeaponSWEP::ItemPostFrame() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#21 0xedcc42c7 in CBasePlayer::ItemPostFrame() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#22 0xee1f42b2 in CHL2_Player::ItemPostFrame() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#23 0xee4d2699 in CBasePlayer::PostThink() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#24 0xee1f5de2 in CHL2_Player::PostThink() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#25 0xee3cd8d7 in CHL2MP_Player::PostThink() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#26 0xedd0e5af in CGMOD_Player::PostThink() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#27 0xee4e1a37 in CPlayerMove::RunPostThink(CBasePlayer*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#28 0xee4e31bd in CPlayerMove::RunCommand(CBasePlayer*, CUserCmd*, IMoveHelper*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#29 0xee4c662c in CBasePlayer::PlayerRunCommand(CUserCmd*, IMoveHelper*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#30 0xee4dcb23 in CBasePlayer::PhysicsSimulate() () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#31 0xee4a78db in Physics_SimulateEntity(CBaseEntity*) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#32 0xee4a7c4a in Physics_RunThinkFunctions(bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#33 0xee0db81e in CServerGameDLL::GameFrame(bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/garrysmod/bin/
#34 0xf61c099d in SV_Think(bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#35 0xf61c1335 in SV_Frame(bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#36 0xf61381d7 in _Host_RunFrame_Server(bool) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#37 0xf6139309 in _Host_RunFrame(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#38 0xf6139928 in Host_RunFrame(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#39 0xf6142c8e in CHostState::State_Run(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#40 0xf61430e6 in CHostState::FrameUpdate(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#41 0xf61431a9 in HostState_Frame(float) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#42 0xf61d740c in CEngine::Frame() () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#43 0xf61d4a1d in CDedicatedServerAPI::RunFrame() () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#44 0xf6d3cd95 in RunServer() () from bin/
#45 0xf61d4e95 in CModAppSystemGroup::Main() () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#46 0xf6211200 in CAppSystemGroup::Run() () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#47 0xf61d5457 in CDedicatedServerAPI::ModInit(ModInfo_t&) () from /servers/zrppiebald/bin/
#48 0xf6d3cd02 in CDedicatedAppSystemGroup::Main() () from bin/
#49 0xf6d850b0 in CAppSystemGroup::Run() () from bin/
#50 0xf6d850b0 in CAppSystemGroup::Run() () from bin/
#51 0xf6d3d182 in main () from bin/

That is vphysics.dll crash that cannot be fixed.
You COULD try copying vphysics from TF2, but I doubt it will change anything.

doubtful XD
issue seems to have been resolved by changing from that model

been over 18 hours since slerpbones crash it was definitely that model