Seems like NWVar issues. Caused by update?

Hey, I was wondering if someone could confirm the below issues as being caused by the update, and suggest any fixes I might be able to try.

First, the server crashed on spawn of a player, this was resolved by removing text screens.

Next, we realised that the text chat tags/colours was broke, but the backend of evolve is still working, the menu for evolve also doesn’t show on pressing my hot key.

Finally, the bank vault addon functions fine, but all the text on the vault shows 0s for the value. It still pays out fine etc, which is what makes me blame NWVars

Thanks guys! Also sorry about still using evolve, the owner is a big fan of it so I keep on trying to keep it alive for him.

Edit: ignore me. I didn’t realise there was another update, as I checked the change log and saw nothing. The solution is to update your server!

In the future, make sure you get your Textscreens from here and not the workshop since it’s not updated:

Also, this pull request fixes a lot of issues with badly declared NWVars: