"Seems like they werent as immune as they tought" Game Over

C&C n stuff please.


Oh no Rochelle. Not you…

Really like the way you edited those hands on her.

pretty awesome.


Thats some nice blending of the Witches hands. Her eyes are kinda cool too I guess. Probs would have looked better without the cat pupil things.
Good work though.

" Where’s my damn flashight ? "


Now I can legaly shoot her, she’s anoying.

L4D :downs:

She turned into… Cat women! dundun!


Thanks for all your comments

Pretty akward looking pose, good lighting and editing.

I would totally fuck that. It’s worth risking my life to

It’s l4d related so i am all like :downs:.

Certainly an improvement from your first attempt.

I tought they were immune :saddowns:

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I like everything but the cat eyes. :frown:

Nice posing and great editing.

this is a showcase of quality editing…I dig! :bravo:

Awesome editing!!

Great job! Very original, I have never seen someone make a pic of one of the Survivors as a Witch.