Seems that Source 2 is coming soon! + New DOTA 2 Authoring Tools

A completely new Hammer has been released for DOTA 2 some while ago, which comes some very interesting features, such as realtime map preview, brushes being replaced by polygon meshes,
different material format .vmat, capability of loading non-vtf textures, such as .psd, .tga or .tiff.

Post your finds regarding this here!

(Also, not late, it just needs a dedicated topic instead of the Map Pimpage thread)

Really doesn’t need it’s own thread I’m afraid, people will more than likely discuss this in the pimpage.

Either way, this is a massive improvement to hammer, making it an actual next gen competitor against other engines. And the new brush system is to die for.

The internet is now filling with news titled “Valve may have just stealth-launched Source 2”

It is time. My body is ready.

Oh man. Just the real-time map preview is enough to make me excited, but you can also use Photoshop and Targa files for textures now?

Gabe, you spoil us.

I wonder if this can be easily adapted to work with any of the previous engine builds.

Does it seem like brushes will still be heavily used?

I just started learning how to model, so I was wondering if I can still utilize brushes.

Well the brushes are replaced with meshes, and so if you know how to model, youll find them a breeze. But yes, they most likely will still be heavily used as they arent any different from an imported model now.

I hope that once this launches, there will be some tutorials for existing hammer users to convert over

You can paint 4 way blend of meshes.

Installing it right now. I wanna get a feel of this new Hammer, it’s so cool-looking.

Yes, it’s way too cool :smiley:[/T]

What I love the most it’s built-in material (and model) editor. Everything will be so much easier @_@

As cool as 4 way blending is, I still find it kind of pathetic that its only 4 textures.

In what real situation would you actually need more than 4 textures blending at once.

When you do weird shit. A creative mind is more creative with more at their hands.

Oh thank God! Hammer is so outdated its not even funny, paired with Valve breaking the SDK and doing jack shit… Get your act together.

Uh-oh… I’ve just realized that there is a possibility Garry might release gmod on the Source 2 engine at some point (hey, he might not) which means everything… will need… to be… rewritten…

Why do so many people think Garrys mod would ever be ported? It would break everything, no addons, no source game content that Garrys mod relies on.

That is why. But then maybe I should be more optimistic.

So how do you actually use displacements?

okay found it you have to subdivide a face

did they improve the way materials are shaded? Is there a real time material editor UDK-like? Was the lighting improved?