Seems that Source 2 is coming soon! + New DOTA 2 Authoring Tools

I think is has real time shading, haven’t tested it yet.

But one thing that buggs me is that it doesn’t support detailmaps anymore. (Not as far as i know)

Do they have detail bumpmaps that can only be seen from up close?

Looks confusing as fuck.

Once you get used to it it’s very nice to use.

Sure UE4’s node editor is much better. But this is much better than the old .vmt way.

What I want to know: Is the size of the grid bigger?

Was this any different in Dota 2’s mapping beforehand anyway?

Would we have to wait and see what happens when they release a regular hammer for Source 2 before we know if we get bigger maps?

To be honest, I will be severely disappointed if Source 2 doesn’t introduce bigger maps.

It sounds like it is very much bigger. This video claims it is over 10x bigger. However, I do not know if he is able to compile it.

He did post before in pimpage saying that a 200,000 unit long brush compiled fine.

Might as well ask here, but is there a way to switch teams?
I want it to be a single player map and dire only

jointeam bad on map start.

That brings up vConsole though.
Unless I’m missing something and there’s a way to start it in dota 2 proper

Yeah the thing is though, that it seems the larger the map, the longer the map takes to compile. The map was taking quite a while to compile, so I just aborted so I could continue messing around.

What’s with all the Debbie-downers saying that TF2, CS:GO, and Dota 2 aren’t going to get shiny Source 2 updates/ported versions? Some of these posts aren’t giving sufficient reasoning to why it’d be hard, especially considering that Old Source maps can be loaded directly into Source 2 hammer. Besides, if there are any issues Valve can fix them because they made the damn thing in-house.

It’s like some of you guys don’t want to use the shiny new tools in CS:GO and TF2. And like you feel that Valve doesn’t want to support the those thriving communities for the long haul.

As for Garry’s Mod, that’s more debatable since it’s third party. But it’s not impossible that we won’t see a Garrys Mod 2 or a similar game made by another company.

Come on guys, lets be positive.

I just dont see why they would go through the trouble to port it to a new engine. Hl1 source was only ported because people wanted it, and because goldsrc and source were so similar.

Yep as I said they probably wont port the games but they will make sequels eventually.

Sure you can load old .vmf’s in the new editor but they come out severely broken not to mention you would have to go through all the maps and switch all lighting since the lighting system is completely different (deferred). This would not be the case when porting from goldsource to source.
Also you should keep in mind that tf2 and csgo are way more complicated (since they are modern games) than the original cs or hl1.

Nobody is saying that csgo, gmod, and tf2 will be abandoned and lost in time. But its almost certain that they wont be ported directly.

Not sure if the engine is completely deferred. However Dota 2 is now.

I will always be positive for a new gmod one day.

I’ve always wondered why gmod wasn’t more popular (in building aspects). Of course it’s downloaded lots of times etc, but most people use it for stuff like dark RP or Counter Strike stuff like TTT. While the real beauty, sandbox, isn’t played by so many people I think. There aren’t many people who spend hours and hours on one car if you compare it with other massive games. Maybe because it isn’t easy and understood by the avarage gamer or something, idk. Of course gmod sandbox players understand how to build basic stuff, but a newbie wouldn’t figure out how to make a steering with hydraulics and adv ballsockets or even e2 for example. Maybe that’s why no one sees a serious possibility in creating a game like gmod. Because it wouldn’t sell so much because it might be too hard or too much thinking for the avarage gamer.

Of course without addons such as Wiremod etc gmod would be boring, but why isn’t there something similar to gmod? I mean with a team it seems it wouldn’t be impossible to make a realistic all-around building simulator for trucks, boats, cars, planes, ballmachines, buildings, and things that don’t have a name yet right? Especially if you see that gmod started out as a simple mod.

I cant imagine how they would combine deferred lighting with a baked solution. I have never seen another engine do it.

Isnt UE4 deferred? But also uses baked lights?

Well it seems I’m a bit out of the loop. It would be cool if valve implemented a similar system.

I really hope Source 2 still has support for lightmaps as I find you just cant get the same look or control with deferred only lights, not to mention the quality of deferred at distances is generally not very good.