Seen some people have 2 Playercolors, up to three, how to?

I’ve seen some playermodels floating around that take use of two playercolors. As far as I’m aware, Souce doesn’t support colormapping/colorcode. So how does someone do this? And this is what I mean by a colormap.

For example, Red would be Primary/Playercolor, and Green would be Secondary/Weaponcolor

but you can select both on the player model selection screen…?
it uses alpha channels for applying color

That’s not what I asked. I know playermodels can use playercolor. But I’ve seen some that take use of two custom colors. How does one make a playermodel that does that. As doing it via Alpha, alphas can only use white, black, and shades of grey. Even then, white = color, black = don’t touch.

Maybe they had skingroups for another color?

Player color and weapon color are controlled by material proxies, so it isn’t too much to do something break the player model sheet into two textures and each one has its own proxy code.

You could also find one of those fancy models and either post it here or look into how they do it yourself.

If someone would ask me to do that, i would use bonemerge and 2 models…

Also, that system it’s used in Left 4 Dead 2, how do you think that there’s too many groups of zombies, that’s why generic zombies have weird materials on source 2009

it’s also possible to make the physgun have a different laser color than the glow, it’s nothing new.

I think I’m just bad at explaining, nevermind.

If you post the model then you wouldn’t have to explain

On the color codes in the menu when you hold c, add two 0’s to the end of the biggest RGB and one 0 to the end of the second.

Example: R: 0 G: 2550 B: 25500