Segmentation Fault when using Workshop Map Addons

I have configured my Dedicated Server to use a collection from the Steam Workshop. The startup line I am using is as follows;

./srcds_run -game garrysmod -pidfile /home/ttt/server/GarrysMod/ -authkey MYAUTHKEY -norestart +maxplayers 32 +map cs_office +gamemode terrortown +host_workshop_collection 258798943

The server starts up fine and successfully downloads the collection (and mounts the addons), so I can use any of the things in the collection.

All I have in my collection currently is ttt_waterworld and it’s materials, as seen here.

Upon using the “quit” command in the server’s console however, I get a segmentation fault. The server is running under linux, and the debug.log file is not very helpful.

CRASH: Mon May 12 16:04:14 CEST 2014
Start Line: ./srcds_linux -game garrysmod -pidfile /home/ttt/server/GarrysMod/ -authkey MYAUTHKEY -debug +maxplayers 32 +map cs_office +gamemode terrortown +host_workshop_collection 258798943
End of Source crash report

EDIT: This is the exact error I get;

./start: line 11: 24668 Segmentation fault      ./${EXE} ${OPTS} ${ARGS}

It says {EXE}, {OPTS} and ${ARGS} because I’m using a shell script with some params, but it equates to the command I posted above.

Bumping with the fact that it’s Debian x64, so that could be the issue.