Seizure Script?

Well, my brother is a moron, and a minge, at BEST, and I need a new way to mess with him. Could someone make a Script that, when an admin (me) type “Seizure part of players name”, they would turn into a ragdoll, go into thirdperson, but still have the HUD, and the ragdoll would flip. Weld-Easy a ragdoll’s head to his back, and you’ll see what I mean, and have an electrical effect go around them. The HUD would stay up, so they could their HP go down ten every second. make sense? doubt it.

It makes sense, and it’s not hard. It does take time, basically you’d apply force to their ragdoll’s limbs, in random directions, while every set incremental duration (maybe 1 second) their health goes down by 5.

I’d code it for you ol’ chap, but I’m working on a time rewind thing right now. Perhaps by mentioning my method above, that conceptual programming could be applied to something coded out, and usable.

Best of luck to your brain tumors. :science:

I’ve tried, but, I can barely code a basic SWEP, let alone a simple SCRIPT.

I’ll put it on my todo list.