- Sektor, Cyrax, and the Tekunin

** Sektor and Cyrax


Sektor and the Tekunin


Download: http://filesmelt.com/dl/-THE_MK_CYBORGS-.zip

Me-skinning and koncept
Ace00731-Hexing and testing, plus bumpmaps



haha nice. … Oh and “Kredits” ? :smiley: *Credits hahaha

It’s Mortal Kombat, so why use a c? K’s are where it’s at.

Beutiful skins on the first two,
I’m curious if someone might be willing to do a C&C NOD skin of them though.

Very Kool!

Are Sektor and Cyrax a re-skin of the Nano Suit?

Chinese stealth armor.

Finally Sektor and Cyrax
and the Tekunin Aaron you Make a Red Batman/Vampire/Bassist Happy

I love these.

nice - fresh view on these two awersome characters

So I should take the ignore as a ‘no’ on the C&C NOD skins then?


The fuck is a C&C NOD?

Looks good ! :smiley:

Command and Conquer, Brotherhood of Nod.

Im displeased, expect a far more accurate reprsentation in the future.

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I’ll take a look.

I see your following response to the ODST171’s comment,
please forgive me,
I was under the understanding that a lot more of the people on the forum knew about Command and Conquer.
But yes, I was mainly talking about the guys on the right in the second picture.
If you decide not to do it, Then at the very least please excuse me for being annoying.
It wasn’t intended.

Is that the Sun-Krall facemap that you pasted on?