Select All Tool

Maybe Garry could implement a tool called “select all” ?

it works by selecting all the props with a button or manually selecting/ highlighting (like no colide multi/super parent multi etc)

Once selected, switch to a different tool example No colide, and it will no colide everything you selected, another example is once selected with a “select all tooL” switch to weld tool and it will weld every prop you selected.

if we have this tool it would make building alot easier!

Perhaps the smartweld tool is what you are looking for: It can both nocollide and weld all the props in your contraption, and ‘select all’ in the manner you describe.

sorrY! thats not whaT i’m saying, whaT i’m saying is a tool that selects all or manually like smart weld, super parent, multi parenT Etc. so basically by using that select all tool, once everything is selected or manually selected you just use any toool example : rope tool, elastic tool, weld tool, no colide tool, and it will apply to all the props! :slight_smile:

or another example, you use the select all tool to select everything then you use any tool and it will apply to all props. you know whaT i mean

(manually select means you click a prop and it would be highlighted just like what no colide multi, super parent smart weld, tool does.)

another example is, ( using the Select all tool, once every prop or some props are selected, you switch to your buoyancy tool, and every prop will be buyoncy. )

whaT the hell? But yeah, it’s a fairly good idea, and I would imagine it would be possible. It’s just turning any tool into a “smart” tool. Would probably have to be in the base gmod_tool, so it would probably have to be a garry change, although you could make it as an addon.

This would be a horrible idea. Smart Weld is the worst thing that ever happened to GMod. All it does is weld props together randomly for you, leading to a lot of shitty welds that people bitch about not being strong or whatever, not to mention laggy as hell for the server. If you’re welding things the right way you don’t need more welds then you have props.

its a bit like “multi-parent” , constrainths like weld, rope can be in a differnt section, and buyoncy , no colide, parent can be in a differnt section etc.

its nice having A Select all tool, select all of the props in one click, then switch to another tool like buoyancy/no colide/ etc, it would solve the problem having to manually click every prop… lets say you have 1800 props, you’re not going to manually use the buyoncy tool clicking one prop at a time are you? take A look at the “easY precision tool” There is a select tool mode, maybe the select all tool could have something like this?

please my idea for a useful tool is not like smart weld at all, i’m just giving exampleS .

hopefully garry or maybe some body could implement this.

I’m with Kybalt. It makes unnesesery ammounts of constrains.

Do you even know what parenting is? No you don’t. Parenting is nothing like welds. If you have 1800 your GMod would have crashed long ago from no free edicts error. Good luck with that.

Stop looking for an easy way out of building. Getting easier to use tools wont make the shit you build any better. It’s just gonna make it more shit because of how shitty multi constraint things are. Multi-nocollide and multi parent are the ONLY good ones, and you should never need to parent the props you no collided or vice versa.

look… all I’m saying is… you know the multi parent, you click on a prop and the prop is highlighted, what if we do the same ? Highlight the props you want, then use a tool, (click on one of the highlighted prop) example buoyancy tool and all props you highlighted will be buoyancy.

The 1800 props is just a example.

Like easy precision with drop down menu we could have one part constraint like rope, weld, and one part not constraint. But I think the not constraint tools (buoyancy etc) are easier to implement.

by the way, why are you pointing out all the “wrong” bad facts? maybe you could point out some of the bad facts from “What ever I was correctly saying” not what I didn’t say like parent, smart weld 1800 props etc.
It seems no one is understanding my Message :S

Apply the same effect to any amount of props without any discretion is nooby. Bouancy shouldn’t be applied to to every prop, just a select few that would be your frame.