Selection of RPG Edits

I’m looking for a few RPG edits but as seperate SWEPS not a replacements

RPG 2.0 - Like the redeemer from the nuke pack but only does RPG damage, not oblitirating the whole map
must shoot in a straight line and if you right click then you can take control of the missile like the redeemer, also be able to fire multiple missiles but when you right click, you take control of the first missle fired, if that doesen’t exist: IE- its exploded then the next missile can be controlled whilst the rest continue to fly straight. when controling a missile and it gets destroyed (by hitting something or whatever) then the view jumps back to first person and not the next missile

RPG 3.0 - like the original RPG ingame but can fire more than 1 missile and follow the lazer, so essentially you have a short line of rockets following the laz0r

i would like them to have the default player model etc.

i will be using these on my server :slight_smile:

i know i ask alot but yeah, have ago :slight_smile:

Not one person within the Garry’s Mod community has created a proper RPG recreation. I should even admit, not even within my own project dedicated to recreating the original HL2 weapons from C++ to Lua have I finished a proper porting of the RPG.

Currently, what you’re asking for is setting the bar higher than what our current developers can code cleanly.

I state “cleanly” because it can be done in a day easily, but to have efficient clean, non-conflicting code is something preferable, yet a practice not too many scripters here hold.

okay haha cheers :slight_smile:

I will however, today be working on refining Valve’s RPG code for Lua, so maybe developers can poop out ideas to quickly write up afterward.