Selections show behind menu

This issue isn’t impeding in any way on playability, but it’s an annoying inconvenience. When I go to select a gamemode or try to change any other parameter in Server Setting, Gamemode Choice, or Sandbox Settings, the selections show behind the New Game menu instead of in front of it. I used to think it wouldn’t let me choose a gamemode but noticed if I click the carrots for Max Players I can see the kindof transparent yellow bar showing above the dialogue box. Similarly, if I try to change Max NPCs in Sandbox Settings it shows at the bottom. I can type in the gamemode manually and it will use that gamemode, so it isn’t crippling.

I don’t get this problem when changing things in Options, for instance, as the drop down menus work fine there.

Also, when using HL2 weapons the crosshair seems offcenter. I use a custom crosshair to fix that, but find it bothersome to unselect it when going into thirdperson (the thirdperson crosshair is fine, but the custom crosshair stays in the center if I don’t turn it off).

If there’s nothing I can do then I’m not worried, but I thought I’d ask.

and if anything is unclear–

Selecting parameters…

Crosshair [rightmost dot missing]…

Could it be that I’m running on a Mac? I used to run it through parallels until cross platforming was available because I figured there’s not much sense running parallels to play gmod if I can run it through the native OS. And when I ran it through parallels I didn’t experience these things.

That is all.