Selective loading of files from workshop collection

Hello Everyone!

We are having some problems with a new DarkRP server and someone suggested I ask for help here.

Our server currently loads addons from this Collection:

But for some reason it only selectively loads a few of the addons present.
The following load:
Fading Doors
Keypad Tool and Cracker
Advanced Money Printer
Fire Extinguisher
Molotov Cocktail
Drugs Mod
DarkRP Special Money Printers (Only a few of them though)
Hit Numbers
DarkRP Weapon Selling System

And the rest refuse to load.
They are mostly weapons and cars, could this have something to do with it?
I don’t know a whole lot about loading addons via collections as the last server I ran required each addon to be downloaded and added to the server directories manually.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Also, when adding maps they never appear to the server map list unless I manually download the map and upload it to the map folder.

Sadly I can’t find a download to this map: rp_downtown_v4c_v2c_cfg_v7b

Do maps not load from a collection to server map list?

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Also, users are not getting downloads from linked workshop items.

Items from the collection appear as errors if users have not previously downloaded them.

I am also an admin on this new server, and would greatly appreciate help with these problems we are having.

One more question: Can an admin or superadmin set a specific spawn-point on the map?

You could have too many Lua files ( over 2048 ) which means it won’t load the other files unless you auto-refresh.

How do I auto-refresh?

You need to edit a file; but you wouldn’t want to do that every time the server starts; not to mention you’d need to do it every time a player has joined AND fully loaded into the game.

Then what is the alternative? How do servers with thousands of addons manage a situation like this?

After looking through this guide:!

I was able to make it so addons the user does not have are download, however, they still do not appear in the in game menu. (q)

Any ideas?

Workshop downloads them into a downloads/server/ folder, away from addons etc. They’re only mounted when they join a server. It is one of the reasons GMod folder gets so big, you can have 3 of the same addon file in different locations…

The best thing to do, is extract the ones with Lua, and either combine them if you intend on using them, or delete them and run the extracted.

Don’t do this to ALL of the mods, because it will get laggy ( loading and autorefresh ) if you extract all of them.

I did it for M9k and a few others and removed over 500 Lua files.

The downloads/server folder on my server is empty.

It’ll be on the client.

How would what is on the client effect the server like that?

Current situation:
-Server forces client to download addons using resource.AddWorkshop(“ADDONID”) method
-If they reconnect they must download ALL addons again even though they already have them
-Most items downloaded do not appear in the in game menu (q) for any users
-Only a few items from the linked workshop appear in the (q) menu

How can I get the rest of the workshop items to appear in the in game menu? And how can I make it so users do not have to redownload everything every time they join?

I think you’re trying to run before you can walk.

OP hasn’t even specified whether he’s using Windows or Linux. If he’s using Linux, he can’t autorefresh.

Not sure what our host is using, its Nitrous Networks.

How would one usually set up a server so addons are downloaded by users when joining if they don’t already have them and so that the addons are added to the server itself?


Like you already have. Using a collection to get them to load on the server, and resource.AddWorkshop to get clients to download.
Yes, if they don’t already have the addon OR haven’t had it downloaded by a server once, it will redownload once. After that it should quickly check they already have the file and not redownload unless there was an update.

It is possible for the addons to fail to download onto the server, keep an eye on your console as the server starts and if any addons fail to download you will need to manually upload them (subscribe on your client, get the .gma file, upload it to server and rename it to match the other server addons (ds_****.gma)

As for “when adding maps they never appear to the server map list unless I manually download the map and upload it to the map folder”, I’m going to assume to you are using a game control panel and you are talking about the ‘map list’ in there. To get a map to show in that list there usually needs to actually be a file in your maps directory. Simply upload an empty file called rp_downtown_v4c_v2c_cfg_v7b.bsp into your maps directory, then see if it shows in the list. If it does, select it, save your settings, then you can now delete the temporary file.

Okay thanks, I will try manually adding the addons. But it would be far easier for them to add automatically, are there any common problems that would cause things like this to happen?