Self-building buildings.

Any ideas for implementations of this?

Looks pritty cool. Make a city.

Dude thats nice work


Where did the boxes come from :C

Is that made of just loads of doors?

It’s pretty awesome!

How long did it take you?

This was not what i was expecting, I was just expecting someone showing the spawn button and thinking that its magic…

But this is amazing!

Wow that was awesome, never seen anything like that before.

Would be neat to have an RTS mod sort of like Half-Life wars and use this method for constructing buildings.


hot damn, this is sweet.

Yeah because the hardest part of an RTS mod is making the building animations and not everything else that comes with an RTS.

Someone whip up an RTS gamemode now that the hard part is done.

Only thing I can think of is having the player being able to make buildings for money in some sort of RP.


Dang man, I was just saying it would be a good feature in an RTS mod.

Wow, this is really imaginative, not to mention cool. :buddy:

Transformers! Houses in disguise!

This is not a negative comment, but maybe you could make it look more mechanical? I just noticed brushes colliding on the roof, and then they moved about. It’s all excellent parenting and such, and I love this contraption to death, but what about having one part of the roof bigger than the other, hollowed out, and the other one smaller, inside that spot? it’d look really neat. But it looks sooo cool already D:

Erectin’ a dispenser


I did a similar thing to this in Gmod using a bunch of nocollided props and Applyforce, but it was a horrible mess. This is fucking awesome

Not very useful, but pretty cool to look at.

How complex do you think you can go before setting it up causes a brain aneurysm?

It’s just a bunch of moving brushes. This isn’t really anything amazing as It can’t really be “put into something” like a gamemode as it’s static