"Self Defence"

Some Work me and my Friend did then messing around on a map.
I Think it turned out pretty well :smiley:

Posing: 50 Minutes
Time Used on Photoshop: 2 Hours

  • Good Help from my friend

My first upload though…

Comment :smiley:

You spent nearly 3 hours making this?

… might wanna spend your time doing something else if this is what you get for so much time spent working.

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Actually, to be fair I’ve seen far worse edits. The poor graphics and faceposing and camera angle are what ruin this really.

Always turn your graphics up before you take a screenshot.
And type “jpg_quality 100” in console too.

If ur just gonna troll, GTFO!

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Yeah, i know. I forgot that : |

But ill do it next time : )


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And rating yourself winner is just pathetic, heh.


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Yep, i did were on the same tought… : (

You rated me dumb, and then you rated me agree and then you told me to “gtfo”.

Mood swings.

The blood looks really 2d and there’s a lot of unnecessary empty space.

how did it take you 50 minutes to pose this? i know the default fast zombies aren’t exactly too easy to pose but i’m not seeing where that 50 minutes went.

Yeah, i know. We were nuking eachother while we were posing XD

so how many minutes did you spend actually posing this?

I actually commented on it, here you go.
Click to enlarge.

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And it’s a bad map for posing.

Yeah this is pretty horrible, you gotta check out some blood tutorials for whatever software you use. Hit up camera position tutorials here on fp aswell, and lastly. Check out posing tutorials, there are actually many.

to be exact.

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Yup, now i see the failure’s. :frowning:
You know, we didn’t acctualy decide to pose on this map, it did just happen : (
The main goal of playing Gmod here was to kill Antlions and Zombies, and then mix it up into a bloody mess :stuck_out_tongue: Posing some ragdolls were never a tought, so this was a fastpose, not something special : )

The best part is that the blood is still better than when people use premade spatter brushes for actual wounds/gushing/whatever

Thanks :smiley:

i don’t think that was a compliment, still looks like shit.

Don’t do photoshop first.

Also, are your settings maxed out?

i really like this

Hello Russkinguy’s brother, it’s been a looong time.

I look forward to seeing more work from you! You’re a great poser and editor, bravo to you sir, hats down! :] :slight_smile: