self:GetPhysicsObject():SetAngle() Help

So, I have been remaking Xytus’s Dark Messiah Dragon SNPC using my SNPC base and fixing his. So I got everything working to it’s old self and the new upgrades I put in. Well earlier when I started working on it the turning code was messed up. Sense it’s an air SNPC I have been struggling with it but I get this error when It tries to turn:

[ERROR] addons/dark messiah snpcs/lua/entities/npc_cpt_dragon/init.lua:249: attempt to call method ‘SetAngle’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - addons/dark messiah snpcs/lua/entities/npc_cpt_dragon/init.lua:249

Here is the line and some surrounding code:

245 //set fixed angles
246 local phy = self:GetPhysicsObject()
247 if phy:IsValid() then
248 local velocity = phy:GetVelocity()
249 phy:SetAngle( defaultangle )
250 phy:SetVelocity(velocity)
251 end

265 local defaultangle = Angle(20,self:GetAngles().y,0)

I have been up all night so Im kind of tired so I think that might be making it hard for me to figure this out. I can assume this something easy. So please help me figure this out. Also dont say use SetAngles() because it gives the same error.

Quick responses much appreciated

Try SetAngles instead.

Nope, It gives the same error except it says SetAngles instead of SetAngle in the error :confused:

Try doing self:SetAngles( ) instead of on the physics object.

It now turns and attacks =)
Now that I look at it, this was actually a pretty easy error.
I guess you can’t use the ‘local’ as a string.

Why not?

You can define local in places, but make sure you understand scope. If you define a local inside an if; it is local to the inside of that if and nothing outside of it will see it. Likewise, local in a file will only be visible to the file, in a loop, etc etc …

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