holy hell were did you get that revolver!?
and nice work

john freeman, rite?

seriously were does that revolver come from?
i like the blood too

No, my bad, it’s his son.

They both have the same head. And the background is sorta empty.

that’s the point

he just killed the final boss

but tehn evan BIIGER BOSS CAME and smashed him wiht foot. john freeman said ‘NO’

Who the fuck is John Freeman?

You don’t play Gmod, do you?

Oh right, I saw that a while ago.

What does that have to do with my pose?

the shooter is John Freeman’s son, you ignoramus


Henry Freeman


Same model? So? That could apply with so many other poses, no need to bring it up.

The background is strange

i like the blood and the posing, put the fingerposing needs some work

Wow cool revolver!