self.PrintName returns nil in ttt_basegrenade

Evening all,

I’m hoping this can be a quick solution but I’ve spent a good solid 4 days attempting to solve this and I’m at wits end.

I’ve edited the tttbase_grenade file (mainly) in the function SWEP:PrimaryAttack(), and while everything else works, the following breaks

if  not self.PrintName == "<special grenade here>" or not self.Owner:IsActiveTraitor()  then

After doing some variable printing, and from the console, it has come down to self.PrintName throwing nil when SWEP:PrimaryAttack() is triggered.

My end goal is to get the name of the grenade, and check it against a hard coded string.

If someone can point in the general direction of what I’m looking for, I’d be grateful.



Upon further inspect, it seems PrintName is called client side. To which I’ve tried


which also returns nil. So back to square one still