$selfillum help, Can't...make it...glow...

	"$basetexture" "models/X/3/X/X_3_base"
	"$bumpmap" "models/X/3/X/X_3_bump"
	"$surfaceprop" "SolidMetal"
	"$surfaceprop2" "SolidMetal"
	"$alphatest" 1

The parts colored in the illum texture just won’t glow!

This is the diffuse.



This is the Illumination Texture



How would i get it so that only the parts that are not black on the illum texture glow? I’ve tried selfillumtexture and selfillummask.

Please don't just link me to the Valve Developer Community Website, I've already spent a fair amount of time there.

I tried using a glow map once but I could never get it to work. I decided to use $selfillum and just specify the glow areas in the alpha of my texture.

    "$basetexture" "models/oddball/gameball_l00"
    "$bumpmap"     "models/oddball/gameball_l00 multipurpose"
    "$selfillum" "1"
    "$selfillumtint" "[3 0 0]"
    "$phong" "1"
    "$phongexponent" "2"
    "$phongboost" "1"
    "$phongfresnelranges""[0.75 1 3]"

Not much help, but I’d like to know how to get multiple colors to glow too.

One thing that might be having an effect is that the parts you want to glow on the base texture are black or otherwise dark.
Try setting up another layer where the base texture itself has the parts you want in the colors you want them to glow in, and then set up the alpha channel as the selfillum mask.

Source doesn’t support glow maps like UE3 or CryEngine 2. The only way to have glow on your model is to add the color to the diffuse, add the proper alpha channel to the diffuse so that the whiter the alpha the brighter the glow, and use the $selfillum parameter. Also - if I remember right - you can’t use $selfillum if you have transparency. The transparency and the glow will both look to the same alpha and muck things up fantastically.

I tried that, Maybe it’s the bump map?
Also is there a way to make a detail map have a bump map?

You use $seflillummask “[VTF path]” to the mask texture and it should work fine. You will only really see the glow if your in a very dark place though, a good place to text if its working is the dark room in gm_construct.

If you want to have it on a tranparent texture you add $additive 1

You can’t use selfillum with bump/normalmaps sometimes, not sure what you need to make it work with them but i know that you can as the ME2 Inferno Armour I ported has bumpmaps and a selfillummask.

you can also set it do $detail and additive