Selfillum Starbox

I have noticed people asking about starboxes and have decided to give it a go myself. Many of the starboxes I have seen are either too low quality with chunky looking stars or too unrealistic with huge planets everywhere. I made my own version with just what you would see if you looked up.

The stars all glow using selfillum. I wanted to make it look good and I wanted to get better at texturing and learn more complex things.

I also used the starbox creator to get the current star view for my town, Framingham. Hence the prefix fram_*. Its often too light polluted to see too many stars.

Anyway, with out further ado, I present fram_starbox. (Working name).

Want to use it? Thats why I made it. (I am also very self centered and love to see my own work. But don’t tell anyone.)
Put it in the materials folder for the mod you want to use it in. Map -> Map Properties -> Skybox Name -> fram_starbox

Let me know what you think.

mediocre at best.
stars are way too big, pixelated, and they look chunky. and you can really see the corners of the cube.
Could have been pulled of way better.