Sell me GMod

I’ve never played GMod.
I know its a game that you can set up your own game.

But what kind of games people usually play using GMod?
What is the extent of what can you do with it.
I figured it’s better to ask for quick opinion from you guys collective Gmod scholars

Garrysmod can do a lot.

Garrysmod as a Sandbox:
Garrysmod can be a simple sandbox in which you throw around objects, create funny scenes or build contraptions by yourself or with friends/strangers. This can range from tires attached to a bathtub all the way up to walking machines, airships or something else that’s just weird.

You’re not limited to just the objects from your games, content from other games or genres routinely ends up on the workshop. From weapons from game franchises to pony models to prebuilt cars and other vehicles, there’s plenty of scripted stuff to dick around with in singleplayer or multiplayer.

Garrysmod as a collection of minigames
Garrysmod gives you access to a few popular gamemodes such as DarkRP, Murder, Trouble in Terrorist Town, Spacebuild and other ones (there’s an emulation of Q3A and UT99 out there, even!) If you’re bored with sandbox, you can join a non-sandbox server and experience completely different games hidden within Garrysmod.

Garrysmod as a game maker
The end result of this is that garrysmod is amazingly flexible and can teach you a great deal about scripting and crafting your own gaming experience. It works as a tool to teach you about programming while giving a lot of options to mess around with.

That’s my pitch, at least. It’s fun, and can give you way more entertainment and value than the $10 price tag may promise.

Get JBMod instead.

“buy my game or i’ll fuckin’ shank ya” - garry newman

GMod can also be a great place to humiliate children and wonder about what abominations humanity can bring up.

Whatever you do, don’t play Dark RP

Sandbox is awesome though

Dick around with friends building fun and crazy contraptions in a physics sandbox using basic tools to advanced scripting tools with the only real limit being your imagination. I have 2000+ hours, mostly sandbox servers just building shit for fun and seeing what others have built.

Or you could play around in an RP gamemode on popular servers with massive amounts of custom content.

Or a TTT server which is a gamemode where among a group of people few are chosen to be traitors and kill off everyone else secretly.

Or you can make your own server
Or your own gamemode using Lua
or your own addons
or your own anything

for 10$ and a 5$ game

Garry’s Mod was the best $2.50 i’ve ever spent.

Best joke of the year, so far.

Buy it or you’ll become Postal’s bitch.

But if he does not buy it, Postal can’t get to him.

postal can:

  1. ban you from facepunch
  2. ???
    i wouldn’t say that’s particularly life crushing or anything:v:

Garrys mod is basically autism simulator

with PAC3 it literately goes Second Life

i have a spare copy if you want it

I have been playing gmod since the release of gmod 9, which was 2006. A decade, and only playing sandbox. A game that can keep an impatient and ADD ridden dude happy and enthralled for a decade is reason enough

I first got Gmod in 2009. I racked up over 700 hours in the first two years. I’d say I definitely got my money’s worth.