Sell or Public Release?

I love coding. Seeing what I’ve made either fail or come to fruition. Question is, shall I sell or release what I make? Money really isn’t of much concern right now but it does help. However, I do like the idea of publicly releasing things and getting criticism on it (Especially those boxes). What would you do? Sell or Release?

Releasing publicly and free would be great, if you can deal with the chaos that is the steam workshop comments. but if you really want to make a little bit of money you could sell it on script fodder. free would be awesome though.

I would release it so it gets used more. Much more fun to set it free without a pay wall and see what people do with it.

If you’re fine for money it’d be a nice gesture to the community to release your code as open source. Not only would you help out the community but people could comment/critique your code and you could probably improve your knowledge of Lua. You could always add a donate button one your release threads as well.

Personally I’ve always been a big supporter of open source, I’m not a huge fan of the likes of Scriptfodder etc being used as a way to charge people money for things, especially since some of the stuff arguably isn’t really all that great. I like things being released for free to be the norm not the exception, though that does seem to of changed.

Having Open Source code (releasing for free) is great mainly because as a learning programmer, it gives you insight and ideas that you hadn’t explored before and can even lead to having a better thing due to that. Allowing it as a free resource also means potentially people can actually learn from the sort of things you release. I think it can be a resource that keeps on giving, and while I’ve heard of some plugins making a fair bit of money, I really don’t think the amount of money you would net is all that great.

That’s my personal opinion though.

Obvioisly people are fans of open source, no shit.

You just need to think about it.
Do you think this is profitable for server owners?
Do you think it’s worth buying?
Does a similar add-on exist already?
And the most important.
How badly do you need the money, and what will you do with it?
Do you really need money? Are you just gonna buy McDonalds?
If you don’t pay rent or school fees, I suggest free release.

Well, before doing either of those things (sell or release) you need to decide if it’s going to hurt you in the long run.

If nobody else has this code / similar features then will this hurt your servers in the long run if it’s released?

I’m all for selling or open sourcing code. But if this code is what makes your server(s) unique… then how would that affect your playerbase if it’s released?

Just something to consider.

If I like what it is i’m making, i release it. If i hate it i sell it. I get the feeling that may apply to a few on script fodder.

To be honest, sell your code.

I mean, you can go all cool and release some of your code for free, some for d0sh. (It just depends on the project and what your goals are.)

Chances are, if you’re getting into garrysmod, at some point you’re going to need money for a community you’re going to attempt in the future. Gameservers and webhosting aren’t exactly “open-sourced” or free. Even if you just need something to develop with for testing, (you can localhost a server) but stuff like a webhost can cost money.

Go for it.

I think there’s a difference between freelancing and selling code. if you get hired to create something specific, that’s one thing, and it’s perfectly acceptable to accept money for it, but I don’t think creating something with the sole purpose of selling it to as many people as possible is ever the best thing to do.

You could release the script or scripts for free but also add it to scriptfodder if people wish for constant bug fixs/updates and or perhaps if they want to support the developer.

Or just cut out the middleman and release it on FP with a donate button

I’ve released a couple of addons publically, each has a couple thousand subscribers on the workshop and a “Donate” link in the description.

Haven’t gotten a single donation, take that as you wish.

Your FP thread for this workshop item does not have a donate link in it.

I’m not saying if it had one you would get more donations but at the same time you need to realize that a tiny donate link thrown on the very bottom of every workshop item won’t really get you any money. I personally gloss over the workshop descriptions at best and at worst outright ignore them. And that’s just me - kids will be worse.

I don’t think anyone really reads descriptions on workshop, My proof is when an addon has like 100k+ subs but only like 25k views

Peoples ask for help in comments but don’t even read the description.

Even made a video about it and I put it at the image gallery of the workshop addon. Today I was greeted with:

I’ve recieved 2 1$ donations, but after replying to the donators, asking them which guns they would like to see next, none of them replied back to me.

I haven’t just recieved money donations though:

If you release for free, you don’t have to worry about people pirating it.

If you don’t release for free, some people will get it for free anyway.

I don’t see my gmod releases as a business plan.

Also, remember that the idea of a donation is that it is voluntary. Some people have servers where you “donate for more stuff”. That’s not a donation. It is payment. By donating $10 to starbucks, you get a free coffee!