Selling 3 rust keys


(User was permabanned for this post ("Scammer/Selling rust keys" - Swebonny))

He is legit,He sold me one for 10$! :rock:

Scammers, don’t buy a thing, 2 guys got scammed earlier

Well they didnt buy from us! i just started to post

No you aren’t. you just scammed a poor sap here. Now I say, go sodomize yourself with a cactus.

You guys are morons. Atleast use different accounts.

What a scam. Who in there right mind would buy from you. Either the mentally handicapped or people with an IQ under 90.

And an obligatory title change, just cuz I’m a prick :v: Also, I love how you and your buddy rated me dumb, but only you two, if you are going to scam, don’t make it so god damned obvious.

i buy 4 oki


When do i get a flamming title plz? :slight_smile:

just one of you needs one, since you are both butt buddies, only one of you needs to carry the title, everyone will ultimately know that you two are in cahoots. Plus I don’t have a ton of money to throw around, just a little.

did you pay for that title you could of bought one of my famous rust keys :smiley:

It was five bucks, and a guaranteed deterrent, unlike your theoretical keys which cost $10-20 and likely do not exist, naturally I picked the better deal of the two. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, as the old metaphor goes. Go on, prove me wrong. Show me the receipt for those keys that you claim to have.

This guy is trustworthy, you should buy from him.

Wow he even gave me an extra for free!

can’t tell if you are trying to stir the pot, or if you are with them. Either way, best you not do that.

so i added him on skype and snatched his ip and paypal and i will be contacting paypal and local authorities in his city, im really sick of tryhard scammers that admit to it themselves

just sold to him before i dont know why everyones calling me a scammer i sold to him for $13.76 i gave him key and for being cool i gave him extra

^ same name as the scammer. gg same person two accounts… and no one sells something with cents involved.

he gave me what he had in his paypal.