Selling Beta Account

Hey there fellow non-facepunchers ! I would like to sell my account as I don’t play the game and I think that my account shouldn’t go to waste.

We can discuss on steam, add me : Bars92.

Update : sold, no need to add me on steam. Thanks.

@ mods : If I can’t post that here please delete/close the thread and accept my sincere apologies.

You’re gonna get offered a lot of money for it, I guarantee it.

Im actually very interested to see how much people offer for it

Yeah I might just sell my account
or not; I’ve barely been able to play rust because of crap comps

You got it for free, and right now there is no option to change any of the information of the account.

And you’re selling it, you’re selling a key that is supposed to be for “testers”, for the sake of the game.
Quality user.
How is this even legal.

well that was quick.

Never tell your password to anyone.
BFGoodrich: whattya need
[TBC] ZaBwt: heard you were giving away your game?
BFGoodrich: my game?
[TBC] ZaBwt: Rust
BFGoodrich: wat
[TBC] ZaBwt: you posted it
BFGoodrich: what would you want to buy it for
[TBC] ZaBwt: i dont have much
BFGoodrich: yeah I barely got to play it
[TBC] ZaBwt: ill give you Infestation: Survivor stories
BFGoodrich: I think I'll hold onto it for now
[TBC] ZaBwt: sure? D:
BFGoodrich: yes.
[TBC] ZaBwt: well
BFGoodrich: kthxpls
[TBC] ZaBwt: have a good one
BFGoodrich: kk
BFGoodrich: k
[TBC] ZaBwt is now Offline.

least I’m nice :C

i would pay $15 for a working key right now xD

Only slightly more than what people are already paying to get a slightly better chance of even getting one… Garry must be loving it.

He should set the gold member price to £1000 again, it will literally be monkey123 x10

Came across some nice guys.

o wy thank u :3

Let me get this straight, the gold membership at one point cost £1000, and someone bought it?


AhAH Yeah long story.

how much i give all me tf2 items

I made a deal with a nice guy, no need to add me guys anymore.

Noob :3

It was actually $999.95.

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