Selling Custom Server Loading Page ~ $5

Hi, I am selling a simple and basic loading paging for servers. This loading page can be used for any GMod server, the loading page has a clean interface and below are a list of features:


  • Displays users steam name on connection
  • Displays users steam avatar
  • Displays the current map of the server
  • Displays the amount of downloads remaining if any.
  • Customizable background (I can provide a generic background if required).
  • Supports background music.

All features of the loading page are customizable i.e. colours, fonts can be changed etc, features can also be removed.

Requirements of this loading page is a web host which supports PHP (most web hosts support PHP). I can provide a free web host if required.

You can test the loading page by opening the console in Garry’s Mod and typing “connect connect” without quotes.

If you want to purchase this loading page or have any enquires please feel free to add me on steam, navlovesbunnies.

was expecting a 5 minute html job, but this looks really nice!

haha thanks, well yeah i was practising CSS/XTML in university and thought i’d have a shot at making a webpage xD

You should try

People sometimes. Think of something origional instead of fucking copying someone elses work and trying to sell it. Sad really. Nice try though. The only reason you aren’t selling this on coderhire is because it is already up there but made by someone else.

Will you be modifying the ‘Impulse Gaming’ logo for everyone who buys it?

It’s a very nice looking loading screen, but if you take out that massive picture, there isn’t much to it

ermm the logo was originally made by a friend of mine, providing he still has the .psd file I guess I can get a custom one for each purchase :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, you stole my loading screen from CoderHire. (Except your formatting looks extremely fucked up)

EDIT: Reported to _Undefined.

OP: Gee fucking Gee.
You replaced a fucking picture and a logo but it still uses someone elses code. That. thats just low.

Also: Since when was making a fucking logo been so god damn hard people… Aint that hard to put some elements together and learn how to integrate player steamid into message and get server info onto the motd… ._. sigh

Meh. Just so people say “why dont you do it then”… I guess ill give it a go. I got nothing to do anyways.

EDIT: After like 10 minutes tinkering with PHP and java and lack of tutorials I decided fuck it I dont mind a basic ass Loading Screen anyways.