Selling fully-custom semi-serious server

Hello guys, i have a server that i used to develop for more than year. I spent a lot of time and money on it (about 1500$), but now i’m burned out and i don’t really want to continue working on it due some reasons and irl money-need. So, i would like to sell it, here’s some information about server.

Dystopian Roleplay - Official Trailer [2K] - YouTube i have a trailer here, i also have release trailer

On this document, you can check most of systems that was written for server: some info.docx - Google Docs

Price is 1k$ and i’m selling this to each community zone once. For example, once for UK, once for US, once for FR etc, so you gonna be a single owner in your community

Contact me here or in discord Geralt#0840

english_lore.docx - Google Docs server also have it’s own lore, you can check it here

Good Cyberpunk RP you got here, nice job!

thanks dude