Selling Gmod at a video game store

Why isnt gmod sold at a vid game store ?

it would be more acessible to people and it would probably raise up sales

also some ppl are afraid to use ccard online because they fear it could be hacked etc.

so why it isnt gmod sold at a store ?

It would cost too much to distribute.

Bear in mind Facepunch Studios is still a relatively small company.

maybe valve could help i mean they are the distribuers on steam

They’re not retail distributers. EA handles that (at least for recent titles).

so your saying that EA is not interested in selling physical gmod huh ?


Considering Gmod is a mod for source, I don’t think it will ever happen unless Gmod becomes a standalone game.

Okay, look.

Garry’smod originally started out as a thirdparty mod, but after A WHOLE FUCKING LOT of popularity obviously, when Valve was developing “Steamworks”, they decided that Garry’smod would become the very first mod to make use of Steamworks.

THEN sometime in the future, Garry struck a deal with Valve. If Garry would give Valve a certain percentage of the income, they would make Garry’smod into an actual product and give Garry access to the FULL Half-Life 2 Source code (Which explains why Garry’smod is so fucking versatile opposed to any other mod in existence).

So, Garry decided that he would accept the deal, and since this official retail product of Garry’smod would technically be Garry’smod 10, he decided to set the product’s price at 10 dollars…

Which in my opinion is pretty good considering this used to be a third party mod.

Because of these circumstances… i’m not sure Garry’smod could be sold in stores, Also considering the fact that you have to own atleast one Source game in order to even play GMOD.

This question gets asked every month.

Gmod will never be sold in stores. Ever.

It’s a fricking mod filled with bugs.
Don’t expect a compact disk model anytime soon.

Well, they did sell MW2 on disk.

The only difference is MW2 isn’t a mod.

ONE DAY I WILL BE RICH AND I WILL GIVE GARRY 1million DOLLARS and Make garrysmod in to a Standalone game!!

Don’t you mean clonated?

What about Fallout 3?

Now that was a fun game. Sure, it was different from the rest of the series, but that’s beside the point. It was a fun game that anyone could pick up and enjoy, without having to know the story from 1/2.

EA are greedy bastards. Garry would get around 5% - 10% of the sales, if he went with EA. Currently, he gets 50% with Valve.

Oh man. I read that in Hank’s voice.

Well damn, now I have too.
I just re-read my own post and turned it into a rant.

stop it

OK OP, you’re 24 years old (according to your profile), you should understand this shit by now.