Selling Gravity Gaming

Gravity Gaming is Getting Sold

I am Selling my server files for gmod due to family complications. Gravity Gaming has been around for 1 1/2 months and has built up a solid player base usually filling my 32 slot server. I am also able to sell my forums files but for a slightly higher price.

Server IP:

(User was permabanned for this post ("Joined to advertise" - verynicelady))

How much do you except to get for this?

I’ll give you 7 MySpace stocks for the whole thing.

My space stocks ^.^?

Why would we want to buy your server or forum files? Most people who regularly post here are capable of coding their own server’s content.

You’ve not even listed what’s on it.

Also, you have an SMF forum with an unmodified free theme. Forums are easy to make.

If I were you, I’d mark this as resolved.

Selling a community is pretty stupid to begin with, nobody is going to buy it, since the players are probably needlessly “loyal” to the original owner. But selling a community that’s only been around for one month, has only 50 signups and 26 max posts is a bit ridiculous.

You’d need to be around the 500-1000 mark for it to be worthwhile.

If it’s only taken you six weeks to build up a community, why wouldn’t someone else just put in six weeks of effort to create the server and community they want exactly the way they want it, rather than paying to inherit a community they didn’t found and aren’t a part of?

The forum is made from Simple Machines which is free, i don’t think its quite legal to sell a free forum software pack.

I’ll give you some Steam Trading cards for it

this deal is the best deal you are going to get

No no hold on a second, i will throw in TWO dota 2 keys and a spare trading card.


OP, I’ll offer you Steam inventory items of X-Blades, Pinball Dreams 3D, and The Ship.

No offence, but it took me 1 week to get 54 members and a server that actually had people on it. I will buy it off you for a single Garry’s Mod trading card!

Best deal, don’t actually expect money.

I’ll give you $2.50 for everything. Serious.

I will make that higher, $3 and a trading card of your choice that i have! Serious offer!

First thing I see on the site is a melodramatic message that looks like it was written by a 12 year old.

Why would you ‘sell’ a community anyways? That makes you sound like a leader who was in it for the fame and money.

Ill give you two expired “The Ship” games for everything.

ill give you a CS:GO Five-SeveN Kami for those files. Also, if you guys were gonna be out $400, who the hell was your server provider?

Something tells me lots of coderhire.