Selling ingame items against EULA?


I’m currently playing on “RazerRust” but i recently discovered they’re selling ingame items for RL money. So i wondered is this against the EULA?

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Server owners are allowed to do pretty much anything in regards to server donations. The only thing I’ve seen server owners get in trouble for is faking player counts, and using other server names as redirectories to their own server.

ahh thanks for the reply man! but this isnt really a donation since he litterly calls it buying.

maybe it doesnt matter

i wouldn’t play on a server that allows you to buy gear with real money, but afaik they are able to do what they want.

Just leave that server dude why would anyone want to fund scummy admins. There are many other great servers with good admins.

Playing on a server where you don’t like the admins is like eating at a restaurant where you don’t like the service or food. Just go to another restaurant! lol

What if I enjoy the communit/mood of said restaurant?

Erm … that’s where my restaurant analogy breaks down … maybe convince the other diners that they should all try the new restaurant with you? :wink:

sneak in at night and steal the restaurant.

I’m a server admin and I would never, ever, give any player any advantage whatsoever for money. I’ve accepted donations in the past but there is no way any such donator would get any form of special treatment.

I feel it’s a very bad way of doing things and I would never play on a server that does that.

Yea I’ve been playing on that server. You can get anything for RL money, it’s a complete pay to win money maker for the admin.

nice idea for business :blaze:

for just 10$ some servers in some games (CSS) will give you ADMIN POWERS

it’s the fucking peak of pay to win

I wouldn’t play on a server where you can buy things with real money, but the admins aren’t ‘scummy’ just because they want to get enough money to cover the server costs.

Chances are they are scummy if u can’t afford a server or you just don’t get enough donations to keep it going give up and don’t resort to some shady underhand tactics, this is highly imoral imo. Not to mention profiting from someone else’s work.

Running a server costs a lot. Good luck profiting from it.

well, yeah. but there is a fine line between “rewarding” donations and outright ptw. things like skins, coloured text etc are great because they don’t affect gameplay in any meaningful way, but guns? ammo? c4? that’s just shit.

I disagree. I run my server on 15$ a month. Yeah there are more expensive options out there but it doesn’t have to be.