Selling ingame items for Paypal/Real Life Money

[DES]Shadowalker was selling ingame C4 for Paypal which i think is totally illegal and he claimed he already made a bunch of sales.

Going to be uploading screenshots soon^

Is this illegal or not?

Not actually sure if this is against the rules, if it isn’t it’d be funny to see 100’s of naked chinese farmers a few months down the line after the game is released.

Haha oh my god that would be horrible!

this same guy was using the wallclipping hacks to shoot us from inside foundations

I doubt anything will happen, but he openly looks for hacks and exploits so why not

Thanks a bunch Wake!!! Lets wqait to hear back from garry or whomever to find out if it is in fact illegal!

the same guy that used to n-step that same guy that use to speed hack? I remember him. thought des broke up

Jesus i didnt know he N-Stepped/Wallclipped/Bought hacks and sold ingame items…That seems like alot haha!

yeah, those DE5 guys are cheaters

im from des, and he cant get banned from this i guess.
des are not cheaters, there was 1 guy the used NSTEPPED.
so all our clan now called ‘‘cheaters’’

Im sorry you invited cheaters into your clan?

Hes still in your clan btw, I just saw him online. So for the time being, at least one member of your clan is actively hacking

No need to explain let the sheeples believe what they want, gull-ably easily manipulated.

Hydralisk wants C4. Hydralisk blows up ZombieNations.

What would u think, if u see these Screenshots?

Lets not get off topic this is about him selling in game items for cash which i think is illegal!

Anyone can change their name to mimic another player. Screenshots mean nothing.

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I don’t condone his actions, but if you could enlighten the rest of us and tell us (link preferred) where it says that you can’t sell in-game items for profit?

I was asking not telling haha i want to know because in any other game i play its illegal and perma ban worthy!

he is a guy you should not trust at all

he is a bad man

Inb4 paypal transactions get returned and you lose out on 100c4. GG