Selling just going crazy cant even buy the game

As soon as it gets to about 45$
Someone just come and buy like 35 keys
You need to limit keys per day for everyman
I want to buy the game but I cant because that “someone” is restocking on keys…

sorry for bad english

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/missed the sticky" - postal))

I’m always watching the price getting lower enough so it reaches my budget. And suddenly at like 40 - 50 keys. They all got bought. I think we saw the same thing. But this shouldn’t be bad since the keys will get replaced. But it’ll take time for the price to lower again. I’m not sure if the developers should change anything since they’re making good money out of it.

That’s around the point where a lot of people start buying, doubt it’s just one person.

You’d be surprised at that one person who buys a lot of keys to sell them on e-bay or something.