Selling New Vegas Features

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I’m pretty sure selling copyrighted content is illegal. :v:

It is, but as long as he is only selling the Lua. I.E the customers having to extract the models/materials themselves it’s not illegal, but I doubt he’d do that. This is illegal.

I am not selling the gamemode.I am just selling the custom-features I made for the gamemode.The person must have the original new vegas gamemode in order to work.So I’m not selling anything copyright.Just the custom-features I made.

Highly doubt you’ll get anyone to buy it though.

So you didn’t do anything you’re just porting over things you didn’t make onto another thing you didn’t make and you don’t have permission to do it either way?

And you’re selling that?

Like I said,I’m just selling the custom features I MADE MYSELF.I am not selling any other pieces of the gamemode.

Models are from the game and they are copyrighted. Not the things you made.

The models I got are from . So you might wanna rephrase that.

That doesn’t change that they are from the game where the people on got them
If any of the developers get scent of this you’d be going down regardless of where you got the models, they still own the models even if they came from

Yay!More flammers. lol

A person who deliberately makes inflammitory or slanderous posts on internet message boards for the purpose of starting a flame war.

Say what?
I’m just trying to make you aware that you could be going down hard for copyright infringement, because Bethesda/other companies that developed New Vegas own these models and the person who is in possession of them is the one who’d be going down, not the one who they got it from

So you downloaded a few models of packed them up in one folder and you expect us to pay for that?

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You guys shouldn’t feed the troll. If you don’t like these threads, then let them die.


Nobodys feeding the “troll”. We’re trying to explain some kid that he will have copyright issues because he is using copyrighted models from a game. But according to him, hes allowed to use it because someone uploaded it to So its not longer copyrighted…

Oh well. Hes the one that can get intro trouble, not any of us.

And I’m not a kid for your information. :smiley:

Thats better for prosecution.

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