Selling PERP 3.5 Files

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Hey everybody.
I used to own a community (Distro-Gaming). We bought PERP from somebody, however we didn’t have the money to get a VPS that could run it and the community is now dead.
I have the PERP files if anyone wants them. I would like to sell them for at least $15. They are as is. I cannot give support because I do not have knowledge in LUA or using the files. I had another person try and make them work, but he didn’t do much.
Please PM me if you are interested.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Joined and only posted about selling some crappy RP thing" - Dragon))

>download one off dramaunlimited
>setup sql server
>fix lua shit
>have a server up

Seriously it’s not that hard at all.

Thanks for telling me how to use them. But the community isnt up anymore, and I have no use for them anymore. So I wanted to see if anyone else would like them.

If you have no use, then why do you want it to be sold? It’s the same thing from Drama Unlimited.

I personally don’t get why you would buy a gamemode that’s already been overused so much and especiallly when the OP has no lua knowledge or knows if it works or not. It just seems too fishy.

The coder of the community told me that they worked, but we didn’t have money to get a VPS to host the files.

Get the fuck out of here.