Selling working PERP3!

Hello Facepunch! I have quite recently made a new PERP3 server,
and i want to sell PERP3 to any of you. If you’re interested contact me on steam:
Price is gonna be negotiated.

What i am offering:

No errors
Free setup. Helping over Teamviewer
Half of the money first, other half after.
Information about good free Mysql databases and FTP.
Explanation of the basics ( Add admins, VIPs etc. )


(User was banned for this post ("You already have a thread for this" - Gran PC))

You are gonna get banned.

For other people: Don’t buy this.

Someone should fix it up and release a public one just to make retarded kiddie threads like this dissapear

Totally agree. But someone needs to give us the admin file for the website. And thru all PERP files, I have never seen that one.

This is funniest thread I ever seen today.

Everyone has perp bro. Here you go, the one works perfectly, my friend set up a server with it, it has everything you need for PERP (admin.php, root.sql, all the .txt files etc).
Actually, let me make it easier for you so that you can skip the adfly, here you go

However, for the content, you’ll have to use one of the other.

Take boxes and pack your stuffs into them and get out.