Semi Auto Pistol Skinning Tutorial

Hey guys, I want to start this off saying I’m not a professional at skinning but I made this example skin that will give you a good idea of what to paint where.

First of all you’ll need the Rust SDK found when hovering over the library tab in steam and going to tools, then you need to have Photoshop (CS6 Preferably) and Unity3D. Unity3D is free to use and Photoshop you can either get a pirated version or just buy the software (I do not encourage pirating). Well now that you got all the essentials needed, open Unity and open your Rust SDK folder with it (the one with assets in it). Now you can right click the workshop folder in the folder browser and choose Create and then Workshop Item. In this tutorial we’re making a pistol so call it whatever you want and select Semi Auto Pistol from the drop down menu.
Now search for Assets>Contact>Skinnable>semiautopistol and drag the preview file in your workspace. You should now see your pistol with the default skin, now go back to your workshop item and find the defuse.tga and the material, drag the material on your pistol. You can now open the defuse.tga in Photoshop and you’ll see the default texture for it. Now this is really confusing and you probably don’t know which part of the texture belongs to which part on the model. So here I’ve got a very simple texture that shows you what everything is (took me a long time to make :P).

Full size download:
(There are some unknown parts in this texture, please reply if you know what part of the model this belongs to)
You can now go on and texture everything as you like, this will probably require some practise before you got decent one. Now let’s say you’re done with your skin and you want to upload it, (I recommend that you replace the icon.png with a screenshot of your pistol) go to meta.asset and enter your skin’s name and description, leave the item ID as 0. Check for problems and upload it. If this is your first skin every you’ll probably have to setup your payment, tax, etc
Anyways you have now created a pistol skin, hope it helped.